Uses of Security Alarms for your Protection

When considering home security systems, Georgia residents have quite a few options, and the uses of security alarms are just as diverse. Here’s a quick look at some of the many benefits you can expect when you install one.

You Can Prevent Crimes

You may have seen signs for various home security systems in Georgia lawns. Lots of people put little plaques by their front door and stickers on their windows indicating that their home has a system. Because robbers want to get in and get out without being detected, these signs alone can serve as a deterrent.

One word of caution though: Don’t use fake signs. It’s illegal to use a company’s trademarks, so businesses that manufacture fake signs will create “dummy” security company names, and it’s easy to find out that the company doesn’t exist with a quick Google search. Instead of working as a deterrent, a fake sign could actually attract a criminal because it tells the criminal your home is not protected.

You’ll Be Able to Detect Crimes as They’re Happening

If you opt not to put up signs or an intruder ignores them, the sounding alarm will send a robber scrambling for cover. If he’s foolish enough to stick around, the police will be by soon enough to pick him up.

You May Help Solve Crimes

One of the many uses of security alarms that contain video cameras is that they can aid in solving crimes. After you view the footage of a possible intruder, you can make the decision to share footage or not. Was it the gardener? Disarm it and move on. Was it a burglar? Give the footage to the police, so they can identify the subject.

Now more than ever, neighborhoods are getting involved too. You can share footage and images across social media to see if anyone else can identify the suspect or alert neighbors that someone is on the prowl.

You Can Safeguard Against Home Invasions

Homes without systems are nearly three-times more likely to be broken into. That’s especially scary news, but it can be even more frightening if your family is home when it happens. By installing home security systems, Georgia can have a little extra peace of mind that their family is protected from intruders.

You May Be Able to Check In and Observe Remotely

Modern systems with video cameras let homeowners check in remotely using their smartphone too. This can provide reassurance when parents leave their kids home with a babysitter or simply let homeowners make sure everything is okay when they’re away. Companies like Life Shield, enable homeowners to arm and disarm their system from their phones as well, so it’s easy to manage even while away from home.

Home Security Systems in Georgia May Offer Fire and Carbon Monoxide Protection

While most people only think of the uses of security alarms that involve protection from outside forces, dangers inside like fire and carbon monoxide kill thousands each year. While your standard fire alarm may wake you up in the middle of the night, it won’t call for help.

By hooking it into your household alarm, emergency services can be dispatched promptly, which gives them a better chance at helping you get out if your trapped and give them more time to get the fire out before it spreads, resulting in less damage. On the other hand, carbon monoxide is a silent killer.

People who succumb to the deadly gas often have no idea it has invaded their home because it’s colorless and odorless. With a carbon monoxide monitoring service, emergency services can be dispatched promptly, so you and your family stay safer.

Some Insurance Companies Offer Discounts to Alarmed Homes

It’s often cheaper to get homeowner’s insurance or rental insurance for a place with an alarm. The logic behind that is simple. The homes have fewer problems to start with. If a home is alarmed, it’s less likely to be broken into in the first place, and it’s also less likely to lose anything of value.

Because insurance companies pay fewer claims, and pay less out per claim for alarmed homes, they often give homeowners a discount for having a professionally-monitored system installed.

There are Many Other Uses of Security Alarms Too

From protecting your family, to ensuring your home and valuables are safeguarded, and even saving money, there are countless uses and benefits home security systems in Georgia provide. Peace of mind, of course, likely sits at the top.

For a professional service, Life Shield is your best option to protect you, your home and your family.