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Tiffany Foxx did an interview with SRJ Music in Motions Sophie J while in London for the Love Box Festival and revealed that she’s already working on her debut album but will be releasing another mixtape beforehand “to get all her ratchet out”. Tiffany Foxx also reveals that she also has a lot of collaborations with her fellow St. Louis Native Nelly along with a lot more people we will soon hear. Foxx also tries on her London Accent for size and says she has no relations to Red Foxx, talks how she met Lil’ Kim And Her and Lil’ Kims Favorite Cars that they own.

Ms. Foxx also talked about being in a male dominated industry and having to be able to compete with them lyrically and otherwise because they don’t really want the females involved in the first place. And, when asked about what Female Rappers she would choose to be on an all Female Rap Track? Tiffany said she would choose mentor Lil’ Kim, Eve and Foxy Brown in a perfect world if everyone could get along because their all bosses who can lyrically deliver and hold their own. Watch Below:

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