Jacki O Announces Retirement from Rap for Religious Reasons?

Jacki O took to Her facebook this week to announce what seems to be Her Exit from Hip Hop in an open letter to Her fans and Supporters who may have been wondering where She’s been and why there’s been no new music from Her this past year. Jacki O, also known as the Madam of Miami says She’s been touched by God and Her life is now headed in the direction of honoring him more but alludes to still using Her Musical Talent to serve Gods Purpose. Maybe, Gospel Music? I guess only time will tell. In The meantime, read Her open letter below and stay tuned to see what the future holds.

We Support Jacki O in any decision She makes and We only wish Her the best but not sure how to take this. We love both God and Hip Hop and don’t believe you have to be a Saint to Walk with Him and do Him Proud. However, Sometimes when on a spiritual Journey You never know where it will lead or what feelings it may bring about at the moment. We love all the music You’ve blessed Us with thus far and wish You nothing but the best Jacki O! Salute!