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Everyday We’re asked what new female rappers We’re feeling or who We can recommend. And, then there’s the folks who think Female Rap died and washed away at the sea somewhere. This special list of the Top 16 Fresh Faces in Female Rap is designed to not only put people on, but to give shine to the ladies that stand out the most to us and are fairly unknown but on the rise. Don’t Judge the order to harshly, these are just the women We feel deserve to grace the list the most this year. But, We love, support, salute and applaud all of the Ladies. Check out the full list after the Jump.


1. 3D Na’Tee – She hails straight out of New Orleans packing a mean punch with Floyd Mayweather Punchlines and one hitter quitter bars. She got noticed and recorded with the likes of Timbaland, before deciding to stay on the solo route. She’s hails from tragedy to a path of triumph with her fan base growing everyday. One listen to her latest mixtape, ‘The Coronation” and you will know why she is destined for greatness. Download the mixtape here. And, Watch her ‘Lil’ Kim’ Video below:


2. Lola Monroe – This Ethiopian DC Beauty went from from being a sexy vixen model to a dope MC. She’s been making waves lately, not only for her recent announcement of her pregnancy. But, also being dubbed as the best female rapper Wiz Khalifa, whom made her the first lady of Taylor Gang. Ms. Monroe didn’t let pregnancy hold her back, touring and rocking out arenas with Wiz Khalifah and Juicy J city to city while working on her next official project compiled of all original material entitled “Lipsticks & Pistols”. Check her out on Wiz Khalifahs ‘Only Nigga in First Class” Album, as well as on singles like ‘Flexin’, ‘Goldie’, ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’, ‘Fly Away’, ‘Dark Red Lipstick’ and many more that has made her growing Bossett Mafia Movement addicted. Watch her Exodus Video Below:


3. Angel Haze – She’s been creating a name and a buzz for herself on the indie circuit for many years that has recently become to full circle with a newly inked deal with Universal Republic that has her debut album in the works. Her ‘Reservation’ and ‘Classick’ EPs and her dope freestyle at this years BET Hip Hop Awards, along with her promise to drop five more EPS back to back before her debut album has many buzzing about her. And, her sarcastic witty persona mixed with her willingness to be open about getting free from the religious cult and past sexual abuse she was raised in has the world intrigued. If you want to get personal with her, listen to ‘Cleaning Out My Closet”, If you want to get entranced in her bars and flow listen to “Werkin Girls” or “Shit I don’t like” , If you want to hear her go after her opponent listen to “On The Edge” and if you just want to relax and mellow out listen to “CHI”. Download her ‘Reservation’ Mixtape here. And, watch her ‘Werkin Girls’ Video Below:


4. K’ La – She’s signed with Island Def Jam and has the perfect combination of rap and R&B, some would say she’s like a female drake but a little more conscious. She’s wowed the 106 & park crowds making it to their top ten videos with “All Your Love” , worked with the likes of the legendary Nas on “Blame” and spit bars and gave amazing storytelling that will leave you in deep thought. Download her ‘Coldest Winter Ever’ Mixtape Here. And, listen to ‘Last Forever’ Below:


5. Brianna Perry – She’s worked with and been groomed since childhood by the best in the business by the likes of Missy Elliott and Trina, making it certain that she is only destined for greatness herself. She hails out of Miami and packs a mean punch in bars and dance moves. The Atlantic Signee most notably made waves with her ‘Marilyn Monroe’ hit on 106 and Park. Download both her ‘Face Off’ and ‘Symphony No. 9′ Mixtape here. And, watch


6. Nitty Scott – has taken a more old school and for the people, by the people approach in how she creates, releases and promotes her music. She tries to be as organic as possible, spitting dope bars and that are more on the conscious side. She gives off a Monie Love of 2013 type of vibe.Check out songs like ‘Flower Child’, “Hands on the Wheel” and “H.O.T.” to get a feel for what Nitty is capable of. And be sure to purchase her “The Boombox Diaries, Vol. 1″ EP Here. Watch her ‘BullSh*t Rap’ Video Below:


7. Iggy Azalea – She’s come in the game knocking everyones socks off with her blonde bombshell persona and her cute aussie accent and super fun rhymes rounded off with a catchy electronic beat. And, when the world realized that she was pretty much T.I.s Lil sister and the first lady to his Grand Hustle arena, that was just the icing on the cake. To boot, her face has been seen all over as she is also a model for elite modeling agency, wilhelmina. Her latest project was titled ‘Trap Gold’ and her biggest hit to date was ‘Murda Business’ featuring T.I. and her break out song “Pu$$y”. Download her ‘Trap Gold’ Mixtape Here. And, watch her ‘Back To Tha Future” Video from it below:


8. Chella H – It might seem like this self proclaimed ‘Queen of Chicago’ just popped out of nowhere but she’s been on the scene for a minute. And, now she’s been able to fuse the right amount of ratchet with the right amount of grown and sexy around the way girl. From raunchy and suggestive songs like ‘Pay 4 This’ and ‘Slipped’ to the in your face bangers like ‘Real Bitch Authentic’ , ‘I’m Raw’ and ‘Kiss My Ass”.. she’s sure to be any hood girls delight and bring out any girls inner ratchet with her bubbling personality and bold rhymes. Download her ‘Morning After Pill’ Mixtape Here. And, Watch her ‘I’m Raw’ Video Below:


9. Lucci Vee – She started off rapping on a more local basis in her hometown Chicago as ‘Lucci Vee’. She later appeared on Bad Girls Club: Season , gaining more recogniton being by her real name, Erika. She quickly became known for her sayings and punchlines just in casual conversation, along with her quickness to bust a bish in her sh*t if she messed with her and her infamous ‘I Don’t Understand’ Dance. And, as the show progressed people learned there was another side to Erika which was the fire spitting Lucci Vee. She wins people over with her unique look and personality, with bars to boot. Download her ‘Confessions Of A Glamazon’ Mixtape Here. And, watch her ‘Embarrass Yourself’ Video Below:


10. Snow Tha Product – This Mexican Fire Spitter brings versatility to her rhymes and is determined to not go the sexual route with her rhymes. For this Latina it’s all about the music, the attitude and handling her own business from the muscle. She recently signed with Atlantic and released her amazing ‘Good Nights & Bad Mornings’ Mixtape which is sure to be an ear pleasing experience from start to finish. Download the Mixtape Here. And, watch her ‘Til Death’ Video Below:


11. Precious Paris – If you’re a fan of the more east coast sound from the likes of Remy Ma, Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown then most likely you’ll be a fan of Precious Paris. She hails straight out of Queens, giving you that NY street flavor and sits in her position as G-Units First Lady pretty and secure. But, She’s more then a pretty face. She gives you street flavor and storys of Love. Download her ‘From Paris With Love’ Mixtape Here. And, watch her ‘Everything OK’ Video Below:


12. Guyana – She started off singing in Trinas ‘Pretty Money’ Group until they all disbanded and decided to direct their attention to their solo efforts. Guyana then directed her attention to her raps mixed with a little bit of her reggae and singing when she signed under Bryant Mckinnies Independent Label ‘B Major’. She released two mixtapes with him entitled ‘The Broke Bitch Slayer” and “Smokin The Competition”. Recently, she has decided to totally go independent so is on a bit of a break getting new music together to slay with. In the mean time, If you love to feel good and hear bangin bars then this Bad Gyal President is for you. Download her ‘Smokin The Competition’ Mixtape Here. And Listen to her ’32 Bars” track below:


13. Honey Cocaine – She burst on the scene about a year ago at the age of 19 when she was recognized by Tyga for remixing his ‘Rack City” Single and doing a video for it. Ever since, they’ve been attached at the hip in a brother-sister relationship. And, She has been dubbed the First Queen of his ‘Last Kings’ Movement. She’s been touring back to back and gained a lot of attention when she took a bullet for Tyga at one of his shows and carried on like a soldier immediately thereafter. She brings her asian flavor to the beat with an in charge gutta type of attitude. Download her ‘Fuck Yo Feelings’ Mixtape Here. And, Listen to her ‘Who Shot Me’ Song Below:


14. Lee Mazin – She hails straight out of Philly and burst on the scene about a year ago, accomplishing a whole lot in just one year. For a long time many dubbed her as the female Meek Mill due to their similarity in tone and a little bit in looks. And, over time she proved herself to be a threat in her own right through her bars and by eventually signing to Meek Mills newly formed Dream Chaser Records. The Label is compiled of rising acts from Meek Mills hometown of Philadelphia and she is the first lady with infinite potential. Download her ‘Love Lee’ Mixtape Here. And, Watch her ‘Looking Good’ Video Below:


15. Lstreetz – came up under the likes of Shawnna, hailing straight out of Chi-Town. She’s been in the battle scene, to jumping on hot tracks with Shawnna, to now coming into her own and producing and making beats for others too. She has a sound and voice that is all her own, topped with Bars and a Tom Boy Swag. Download her ‘Nightmare on L Street’ Mixtape here. And, watch her ‘Trillionaire Swag’ Video Below:


16. Azealia Banks bursted on the scene recently giving people a mermaid persona with a different sound and a flow that left people buzzin. She soon became infamous for twitter beefs, long mermaid hair and a bangin song to move your hips to. She’s controversial and fun and newly signed to Interscope working on her debut album, ‘Broke With Expensive Taste”. Download her Fantasea Mixtape Here. And watch her Liquorice Video Below:

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