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Nicki Minaj released the Re-Release/RE-UP to her “Pink Friday – Roman Reloaded” Sophomore album this past Monday compiled of seven brand new records and including va va voom from the original deluxe release. On one hand I have to say that a Re-Release to me is cheating. I would compare it to if a student reviewed a “C” on their test as their final grade but then the student thinks “Oh Hell no, that can’t be my final grade. I’m not having it!” So, they then come up with a plan to do an entirely different test and combine the two scores for a better result. Cheating! But, on the other hand it may have been a smart move if she pulls off sales equal to or almost equal to the sales of the original release. In any regard, It seems Nicki Minaj has given the hip hop records she forgot to give us on the original release on the Re-release. I was asked by some of our followers to do a track by track review so check it out below:

1. “Up in Flames” – This song feels more like the Nicki I was first introduced to with fearless cocky punch lines back when she was performing Itty Bitty Piggy in a packed to the brim Club to a raw performance by a hungry artist.
2. “Freedom” –I’m split with this song because finally something more serious and deep is released. But, in a way it feels too narcissistic and her vocals must go.
3. “Hell Yeah” (ft. Parker) – She takes jabs at Mariah in this one, her new artist Parker’s vocals are amazing and it has a nice beat but no wow factor!
4. “High School” (ft. Lil Wayne) –aggressive voice and flow Is a winning factor on this song, Lil’ Wayne did well and the catchy chorus helped round it out.
5. “I’m Legit” (ft. Ciara) – This is the most fun record on the album with the most playfully well executed lyrics.. Ciara also delivered! This song deserves a crazy visual.
6. “I Endorse These Strippers” (ft. Tyga & Thomas Brinx)– her verse was provocative and flirty reminiscent of her old songs with Gucci mane. Tyga delivered, Thomas wasn’t needed!
7. “The Boys” (ft. Cassie) – This song is actually dope start to finish..feel good playful record, club banger!
8. “Va Va Voom” – I didn’t have anything good to say about this song the first time and I still don’t. Less pop, more Hip Hop!

In conclusion, some of the songs felt like a step backward into Mixtape Nicki Minaj. Personally, I would never want her to revert back to that in a literal sense. I would want to see her raw and hip hop like those days but evolved and minus the auto tuned out vocals and pop songs. But, other songs were bangers. How did you guys feel about the Re-Release?

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